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I tried not to laugh because of the CG, but the comments killed me xD

Dear you,
Anonymous whispered: So I recently got money to spend on games, but I don't know what to get. I've played Nicole, Baddest Bidder, 10 Days with My Devil, and Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hmm that’s a tough question! All of the Voltage games are pretty good imo, it really depends on what you like.

I enjoyed: Love Letter from Thief X, it has a really good and funny set of characters and I like the setting.

Kiss of Revenge is a bit different from the other games, it’s more mature and bitter.

Class Trip Crush is like your typical high school shoujo manga, so it’s good if you want a cute story!

Pirates in Love was the first english voltage game! The setting is really cool, but the heroine can be annoying at times… it’s still pretty good because of the guys!

If you like princess stories you can try: Be My Princess and A Knights Devotion, both are great and have good characters!

As for games that aren’t Voltage, the Shall we Date? series is popular as well. The games are more mature in a sexual way I guess xD It’s not really explicit or a huge part of the story, but still more than Voltage for example. The downside is, if you wanna get a different ending you have to replay the entire story, which can be pretty annoying!

I hope this helps, didn’t want to write too much as it becomes confusing (: Generally you can’t go wrong with Voltage, just pick whatever you find interesting and it should be good!

Guys, we have let Solas’ tight pants distract us too much!

Look at the other two party members! The first one could be another mage (maybe the Inquisitior) but the clothes kinda remind me of dramatic hands moustache guy…wishful thinking….

The second one looks like a rogue and has blond hair, so it’s probably “Sera”, if that’s still her name!

Haha Armin is so cute!

He told Candy to hit Nathaniel if he tries to do something "adult" to her during the Sleeping Beauty play, he doesn’t want to elaborate though :D

I understand all the love for Vivienne, but Cas deserves some too! :D

goddamn dat braid though

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